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Brewed in Bradford-on-Avon

Stone Angel Ale recreates the delicious, complex, herb-infused flavours of Medieval 'gruit' ale. Gruit ale was brewed for over a thousand years in homes, monasteries and breweries using a wide range of herbs and spices, often from complex, closely guarded recipes passed from generation to generation. Stone Angel Ale recaptures the distinctive tastes and aromas of this rich and skilful brewing tradition.

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How to enjoy

  • Stone Angel is live, unfiltered and unpasteurised so store upright and allow the yeast to settle.

  • Serve very cold and you may want to leave the last quarter inch of ‘thikke beer’, or yeasty ale, in the bottle for a clear glass of perfect, refreshing ale. You can also drink the yeast if you prefer a slightly cloudy beer, or add it to your traditional bread recipe as we do.

Treat yourself and rediscover the distinctive taste of Medieval times with Stone Angel Ale.

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Stone Angel available at

The following locations:

wooley grange.jpg

Woolley Grange

Woolley Green,
BA15 1TX

farleigh road farm shop.jpg

Farleigh Road Farm Shop & Cafe

Norton St. Philip , Bath BA2 7NG


Coffee etc

5 Lamb Yard, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1FG

wolf wine.jpg

Wolf Wine

The Den, 
Green Park Station

white row farm.jpg

White Row Farm

BA11 6TN

the three horseshoes.jpg

The Three Horseshoes

55 Frome Rd, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1LA, UK

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We brew medieval ale

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about us

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David and Stephen McQueen are brothers who share an interest in the lost art of medieval gruit ale. David, who lives in Bradford-on-Avon, has been brewing for more than thirty years. For the last ten years he has explored traditional recipes that use herbs and locally foraged plants. David is fascinated by the huge variety of ingredients used by brewers in the past, almost none of which are used today. He loves to use fresh herbs, such as sage and mint grown in his garden and exotic spices, such as cubebs and liquorice that medieval brewers were fond of.

natural style

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Stephen, who lives in London, has enjoyed tasting these fresh and aromatic ales and recognised that there was a wider audience for this more complex and natural style of brewing. Together, they researched and tried out a number of traditional recipes to perfect an Old English amber ale. After successful tasting sessions with the locals of Westwood village they worked with an excellent local brewery (Kettlesmith Brewing) capable of producing it on a larger scale.

Stone Angel does not use any animal or fish products in its production so is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Stone angel

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They are very proud of Stone Angel and hope that you find as much pleasure in tasting it and discovering the delicious, subtle and complex flavours of the medieval era as they do.

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